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The effects of being bilingual or polyglot

mahya polyglot

The effects of being bilingual or polyglot

(ویژه سومین کنفرانس چند زبانه‌های ایران )


This essay is about the effects of being bilingual or polyglot (multilingual)
on attraction. Before getting started I should mention that this topic or
it is better to say this theory is my own idea and what I think features
of bilinguals make them attractive. Have you ever thought about what
makes bilinguals and polyglots (multilinguals) attractive? Why do we want
to be like them? What exactly is in them that is desirable? As most of you
like me may believe that people who have the ability to speak several
languages are attractive, I decided to write about this topic. I believe there
are some particular features in bilinguals and polyglots (multilingual) that
separate them from monolinguals.

Do you know the meaning of the following words?

محیا میرصادقی
*Monolingual: A person who can speak in just one language (her/his
mother tongue)
*.Bilingual: A person who can speak in two different languages

*Trilingual: A person who can speak in three different languages
*Multilingual: A person who can speak in more than three languages
*Polyglot: A person who can speak in more than three languages
-The difference between multilingual and polyglot: multilingual can speak
in several languages mostly because of the role of the environment but
polyglots are able to speak in several languages because they have decided
*Hyperpolyglot: A person who can speak in more than twelve languages

?What makes polyglots attractive

Before reading the essay, I want you all to answer this question and then go
through these pages to see if we were on the same page regarding this theory or not.

Different mindset

محیا میرصادقی
The first element is that they have different thoughts and beliefs in comparison
with monolinguals. Learning a new language is not just about the grammar
and vocabulary. When you decide to start learning a new language it means
that you open a door to another world. A world of thousands of new things.
New countries, new cultures, new people, different foods, different outfits,
and so many more things. All these factors make bilinguals the people who
think differently. How? Well, when you are learning another language, you
will also learn about different things, and those things affect the way
you think and make you flexible in accepting different thoughts and
respecting different ideas. By the time you behave respectfully to others, they
consider you an attractive person. A person who does not care if his/her
beliefs are not the same as yours and a person who is always open to new
ideas and different attitudes.

Better at making friend

Language is the most important instrument of communication. From the
past stages of history when people used to use body language and gestures,
until now when the form of communication has been changed, language
always have been the best way of getting and giving information about
everything. The ability to speak in different languages gives bilinguals
and polyglots (multilingual) the opportunity to communicate with people
from different countries with different mother tongues and this makes
them a person who can create more and better friendships and
relationships just because of having something in common. If you are not
capable of understanding what a person is saying, how do you want to make
friend with them?

Diversity of speaking subject

As I mentioned before, learning a language is not just about the structures
or those four main skills. It is about getting information and increasing
your knowledge about everything that is related to that language (from
the personality of the native speakers of that language to their costumes). I
am talking about culture, religion, foods, sports, and a hundred
different subjects. As you all can guess, talking to bilinguals and
multilinguals cannot be boring. They are never going to disappoint you with
the topic and the subject of speaking. They always have something interesting
and uncommon to talk about.

Having goals

Another feature of bilinguals that makes them attractive is their goals. Of
course, having goals and plans for the future is not specific to bilinguals and
polyglots but you cannot imagine one who speaks in several languages
without particular and certain goals. Always having something to do makes
people busy and in this century being busy is a part of success. Have you
ever noticed people who do not have any important things to do? What is
your opinion about them? Do you consider them as a picture of attraction?
Of course not. Because it is too difficult to find out your goals. These days
with numerous different skills to learn that can cause confusion, seeing a
person who has clear and vivid plans could be tough. Thus, this aspect is
another reason for the attraction of bilinguals.

High ability and persistence

Most people have this opinion that if someone can speak different
languages is because he/she is a genius. But today becoming a bilingual or
polyglot is the result of persistence in goals and the ability to continue the
process of learning, although it is not simple. We all know being a
professional in every different skill could not be effortless and due to this
fact, skillful people seem exceptional to us. The reason is that we are aware
of the efforts and the struggles behind this professionalism. The other
element that makes bilinguals appealing is the ability to do something
that most people believe they cannot. Doing things that seem to be
.impossible is an aspect of attraction


, I believe knowing different languages and speaking them impacts attraction
and most people find it quite catching and magnetic. Why? Because
.doing something which is hard to do needs exclusive effort

Normally we do not see people around us who can speak several
languages; thus, it could be exceptional
: These are the reasons behind this
. Different mindset
. Better at making friends
. Diversity of speaking subjects
. Having goals
. High ability and persistence


63 / 100

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