محیا میر صادقی

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

True, but what if you were deprived of your right to be educated in your own homeland or country

It is 2023, right? You wouldn’t expect an individual not to have access to any educational system! Yet, the sad truth is there are thousands, if not millions, of girls in Afghanistan that are not allowed to study after elementary school levels

In a century filled with growth and development, we humans are in absolute need of education. By Knowing this and being aware of the issue that our sisters have in Afghanistan, we, a group of Iranian women from all around the world were led to gather together and build a community in which we could share our knowledge with our unprivileged neighbors, dear Afghan girls 

Independent from any organization or outside support, we have put our hearts and minds in one unified direction in order to provide free and high-quality education for Afghan girls as our main goal. As an act of compassion and help, we are here to instruct Middle Eastern women with a plan that covers a wide variety of subjects; from elementary school level to higher education, from science to mathematics, and from arts to languages and Islamic disciplines. Almost anything, just name it

We also provide a range of counseling sessions such as psychological and educational in order to empower Middle Eastern girls both mentally and socially

We will be with you during our free webinars, covering up-to-date topics to make sure that you get into the right path by flourishing your potential and skills

As a new and blooming community, we need your help, knowledge, and connections in order to spread our wings toward a better future; both for us and for our fellow women in Afghanistan

If you are wondering how you can help us, there are two ways in which you can greatly contribute

_If you speak Farsi or a Persian language that can be sufficiently understood by Afghan girls, and you are skilled in a specific field please feel free to join our telegram group